Mailbox Replacements

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Mailbox Replacements

Post by Issa » Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:10 am

Congressman Thompson’s office is very involved in postal issues in American Canyon and has passed along this message for the City to share with anyone whose mailbox was recently replaced.

Residents can pick up their new mailbox keys at the Post Office located at 2635 Napa Street in Vallejo. For those residents that absolutely cannot pick them up in Vallejo, call the Post Office at (707) 642-3071 and provide their name and address to Lynda Taylor, Jackie Knoxs, Khandi Green, or Postmaster Jones to make alternative arrangements.

If residents cannot get through to the Post Office on Napa Street (in Vallejo) to provide their names, they can contact me in the Napa office. Maira Ayala, Congressman Mike Thompson’s Office, (707) 226-9898

Neighborhood Communications Manager Jen Kansanback
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