Traffic Safety concerns

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Traffic Safety concerns

Post by Issa » Sun Oct 02, 2016 11:24 am

Over and over again we have heard from the community that you value American Canyon as a safe place to raise your family, and we work hard to keep it that way. And with the large volumes of cars traveling in and through American Canyon each day, we take seriously your concerns about traffic safety. We, too, are concerned that in the past four days there have been two incidents involving vehicles and pedestrians. Fortunately, neither resulted in life-threatening injuries. These kinds of accidents do not happen often in American Canyon, but when they do, it certainly gets all of our attention.

Keeping our streets safe is a task for both our Public Works and Police Departments. The Public Works department designs, constructs and maintains the streets in a safe condition and the Police Department enforces traffic laws. The Police Chief, Fire Chief, traffic enforcement officers, City Engineer and other staff meet frequently to review citizen requests, discuss solutions to problems, and implement improvements. As an example, in the last several months, we have made traffic safety improvements to the intersection of James and Wilson to slow down drivers as they make the turn southward and added striping on West Carolyn to help keep drivers in their lanes. Also, we made significant safety improvements to the drop off/pick up area in front of Canyon Oaks School.

Already in the works are additional improvements, including centerline striping on Los Altos, visibility and crosswalk improvements on Summerwood at Tapestry, and improved signage on Corvina Way. These improvements will be completed in the next couple weeks. Streets currently being evaluated for possible changes are Donaldson Way west (which needs sidewalks) and Newell Drive.

The most recent accident yesterday occurred on American Canyon Road at Hummingbird Way. As a result of previous resident requests, this intersection is already under review and we just completed speed and traffic studies of the area to help determine what improvements would be best for this intersection, which might include a 4-way stop and/or other changes.

As I noted the Police Chief, Fire Chief, traffic enforcement officers and city engineer meet frequently to evaluate traffic safety issues. The absolute best way to voice your concerns, make suggestions or ask questions about traffic is to contact the traffic safety committee (all the people noted above). Email your request or question to and Or call 647-4558. This will get you directly to the people who can respond most effectively.

We are listening and appreciate your input.

City Manager Dana Shigley from City of American Canyon
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