Author signing event at JFK library on Sunday, April 15

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Author signing event at JFK library on Sunday, April 15

Post by Issa » Thu Apr 05, 2012 5:35 pm

News Release

505 Santa Clara Street
Vallejo, CA 94590

March 13, 2012


Nancy Atkins, 1-707-553-5092,

A book signing by Vallejo resident Dr. Jeffrey Pouncey will take place in the Joseph Room at JFK Library on Sunday, April 15, from 2 – 4:30pm. Light refreshments will be served at the reception.

Dr. Pouncey’s historical novel, “Midnight Tear - The Tulsa, Oklahoma Greenwood District - A Story of Forbidden Affluence” is set in 1920s Tulsa, Oklahoma and centers on an African American young man coming-of-age.

Below are the book cover, author biography and book synopsis. They are also attached as files. A book synopsis and author biography is attached and below.


…All aboard for Randolph Jefferson Author's journey from Georgia to the great and thriving Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, circa 1921. Roo, as he is affectionately known by family and friends, experiences a dual journey: the conscious journey via the Atlantic Railroads and the eerie journey through his dreary and murky dream state. Both of these “pathways” ultimately lead him to the same profound and soul-jarring destination ― a catastrophic event that all but decimates a successful Negro community where many of its residents earned more than the average United States citizen … only 56 years after the abolition of slavery. Please be seated and have your ticket available for collection: All aboard for “Tuuulsa!” ― Tulsa, Oklahoma … and beyond.

Biographic Information:

Dr. Jeff Pouncey, a clinically trained child neuropsychologist, believes that no medium is out of bounds when conveying one’s history, heritage, identity, and self-awareness; hence, the historical fiction story — Midnight Tear. Dr. Pouncey’s training in psychology and the neurosciences with children and adults, as well as society’s “elders” in skilled nursing hospitals, has prompted him to realize that one’s life experiences and social identity are not locked in the stages of growth and development, but the experiences that bridge the transition between the stages. Dr. Pouncey seizes every opportunity to bring awareness to the connection of one’s social, economic, and emotional well-being to their mental well-being: especially, when society intrudes on that sense of well-being.

In addition to Midnight Tear, Dr. Pouncey writes children’s stories, non-fiction, social and scientific essays, and has completed a well-received research-dissertation study: “Acute Effects of Anesthesia on Attention in Pediatric Patients.” He is the co-owner and operator of a consulting business and teaches undergraduate behavioral health and neuroscience classes.

In addition to my consulting business in downtown Vallejo, I am an adjunct instructor for the University of Phoenix - Bay Area campus and teach Psychophysiology, Biopsychology and Psycho-Statistics. I have served as a Staff Psychologist and the Chief of Substance Recovery for the California Department of Mental Health.
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