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American Canyon Veterans

Post by OfficerThurmon » Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:51 pm

To any Veterans that live here in town

I want to make it known (if you don't know already) that there is a Veteran's of Foreign Wars post located here in American Canyon. If you've seen them in local events, they're not from Napa or Vallejo, they're ours.

There's not a VFW Hall here, but we're a great group of Vets, spanning from WW2 to now, and we always welcome new members, or anyone thinking about joining or just want to find out more. The main VFW website is, for more info (we don't have our own, but I'm thinking about talking to the Post Commander about the possibility). Feel free to pm me or just reply to this post if you're interested, or know a vet who might be. We also work with Sindy Biederman of American Canyon Troop Support.

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