Livestock Ordinance?

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Livestock Ordinance?

Post by wired911 » Mon Nov 14, 2005 12:37 pm

I never thought that I would need to ask if American Canyon has an ordinance against raising livestock at your residence, but it seems my neighbors now like chickens and roosters.... :shock: and hey I do too just not at 5:45am every morning!!!

What can I do?

Rick Thein

Livestock Ordinance

Post by Rick Thein » Mon Nov 14, 2005 8:35 pm

Due to my work with 4-H I can I know a little about this. In most areas of town chickens ar allowed, so long as they don't become a nuisance to their neighbors. Some neighborhoods have CC&Rs restricting this, check your deeds. Roosters, however' are banned in most areas. Livestock may be kept in larger home lots of one acre or more (such as the Oat Hill area). A horse requires one acre per animal. Raising swine is not permitted anywhere within the City limits. The City has on occasion made special provissions for 4-H members raising Small livestock animals such as pigmy goats, providing the pens are kept neat and clean and oders kept confined to the property.Full size goats and sheep for the most part are forbidden. In other words you cannot impact the nieghbors. Common sence dictates what will be allowed. We kept two pigmy goats in Victoria Faire for over a year. Most of our neighbors really liked them and not one complained. Some older neighborhoods ( Such as James St.) have very large lots and roosters have ben permitted. Their crowing can be heard in Victoria Faire. And some homes on Cookie Hill have sheep as pets (they also help with weed abatement on the steep yards). As far as I know horses can be ridden on the city streets. These laws are left over from when American Canyon was a more rural community. In case your wondering, the 4-H farm at Clarke Ranch is currently just outside City limits. They are held to County regulations regarding Ranch Lands even though the Clarke Ranch belongs to the City. If someones farm animals are bothering you, and you haven't been able to work out the problem with your neighbor, you can make a complaint to the City Code Enforcement Office any time and they will investigate. You can get more info from the City Planning Offices. I hope this helps!

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