Status of gang activity in American Canyon

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Status of gang activity in American Canyon

Post by Guest » Mon Jul 04, 2005 1:27 am

Recently, my husband noticed some graffiti in AmCan that denoted an affiliation to a gang. Of late, what is the current gang activity in AmCan? Have you noticed anything that might indicate that gang members are moving into the area, or are close by and beginning to hang around more? Or are we being overly concerned and have nothing to worry about? Any facts or opinions would be appreciated.

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Gang Activity

Post by ACPDRochester » Tue Jul 05, 2005 2:12 pm

Guest -

We have been monitoring the gang activity here in the city. What we see the most of is them hanging out together and the graffiti. As far as violent crimes we have not seen any of that type of activity. We have two gang investigators assigned to American Canyon. Along with there regular patrol duties they stay on top of the gangs and gather information.

We try to be very proactive here in the city and include the gangs in our proactive patrols. We are aware of and have identified many people who are gang members and those that associate with them. We have not seen anything to indicate that gang members are moving into the area. There are some new members popping up around the city although these are people who have lived here and for one reason or another decided to join a gang. We are working at identifying those responsible for the graffiti.

I would not say you are being overly concerned. Certainly we should all have a concern for the graffiti as it is unsightly and none of us want it. Being concerned and informed about what goes on in your city is important. Hopefully it gives you piece of mind to know that we are aware of the gangs, are working on the graffiti and are very proactive in our patrols and identifying gang members. We appreciate your concerns about your city.

If anyone has information on graffiti or see's anyone committing this offense please call our dispatch # 648-0171. DO NOT attempt to contact these offenders on your own. Be a good witness and get as much information as you can WITHOUT putting you or your family in harms way.

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