Street Sweeping

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Street Sweeping

Post by Issa » Tue Jan 12, 2016 10:04 am

The streets in American Canyon are swept by Recology every other week on the day after your garbage pickup. Sweeping not only makes your neighborhood look nice, but it serves an important purpose, too. The sweeper removes oil, trans and weeds that can damage the asphalt and drain into our wetlands. This time of year, the sweeper picks up fallen leaves before they can clog storm drains and cause clogs. If your car is parked on the street blocking the street sweeper, it can’t do its job. Please move your car off the street on street sweeping day so that our streets are clean and safe.

Your street will be swept on the next business day after your trash pickup, every other week. If your trash gets picked up on Monday, your street will be swept every other Tuesday, according to the attached schedule. If your trash pick-up is on Friday, your street will be swept every other Monday. Please move your car to your driveway the night before street sweeping.

To find out more, visit Recology American Canyon's website at or call them at (707) 552-311

- Management Analyst Jennifer Kansanback from City of American Canyon
Visit --- Your online source for everything City Of American Canyon, California.

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