Barking dogs

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Barking dogs

Post by Issa » Thu Apr 23, 2015 5:26 pm

Tracey Stuart, City of American Canyon CITY

Neighborhood dog disturbing your peace? Habitual barking is annoying and you have a few options. First, you might try speaking with the dog owner. Often people aren’t bothered by the noise of their own dog and assume that no one else is bothered. Occasionally, the surprised owner will say they had no idea that their dogs barking bothered anyone and they take care of the problem.

If you’ve spoken with your neighbor and they have not addressed the problem, you are not comfortable approaching your neighbor, or just don’t want to speak with them contact dispatch (253-4451) and ask for an officer to contact the dog owners. An officer will explain the problem to the dog owner, and explain that they will be issued a citation in the future if we receive more complaints.

To be able to issue a citation, we must first have warned the owner and given them a chance to fix the problem. After the owner has been warned, if TWO separate neighbors contact us to complain about the habitual barking, the dog owner will be cited. If after receiving a citation the barking continues, we will pursue a public nuisance complaint. A public nuisance complaint takes time and your participation to help document times when the dog barks, but should eventually resolve the issue.

Officers may cite a person after they have been warned, without two neighbors complaining, if when we arrive we can hear the dog barking.
The fine is $100.

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to call or stop by the Police Department.
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